AAFPP — Association of Alternative Food Products Producers

Uniting people who are transforming nutrition

We are a non-profit organization that brings together manufacturers and developers of alternatives to animal products.

Year of foundation

Members and partners

Members of the association are producers of alternative foods as well as functional food ingredients on the basis of which such products can be created.
Partners of the association are companies and organizations that share the goals and values of the association and whose activities are aimed at the development of the alternative food market.
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History of AAFPP

September 2020
Founding of the Association
May 2021
Holding the first AltFoodConf in Sochi
Announcement of the Startup Shelf - a joint project with Samokat
Establishment of a technical committee and a working group with the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems. Gorbatov
First meeting of FoodTech Bugs Night in Moscow
June 2021
AAFPP is the official representative of V-label in Russia
August 2021
Second meeting of FoodTech Bugs Night in Moscow
September 2021
The third meeting of FoodTech Bugs Night in St. Petersburg
October 2021
Organizing the FoodTech Forum: Food of the Present
The fourth meeting of FoodTech Bugs Night in Moscow
December 2021
Signing an agreement with the Russian Export Center on the promotion of alternative products abroad
March 2022
Creation of the AAFPP coordination center
April 2022
Fifth FoodTech Bugs Night in St. Petersburg (together with ITMO)
March 2023
Launch of a joint educational program with ITMO "FoodTech" for masters
Starting cooperation with the Moscow Foundation for Industry and Entrepreneurship Support

Association goals

01. To bring together

To bring together manufacturers and developers of alternative food products to achieve and protect common interests

02. To support

Support alternative food entrepreneurs to accelerate their development

03. To participate

Participate in the development of legislation for better legal regulation of the innovative food industry

04. To promote

Promote products and technologies of participants to increase the demand for alternative food products



Assistance to the members of the association in promoting their products on the market


Participation on behalf of the members of the association at conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other specialized public events


Interaction with public authorities as members of the commission(s) and experts on the regulation of alternative foods


Representation of Association's members interests in interaction with retail chains to establish mutually beneficial and long-term relationships, as well as expand sales markets and develop the industry


Protection of the rights and representation of interests of all its members within the competence of the association


Organization of events for the development of the market of alternative food products


Assistance and guidance in fundraising


Advising members of the association on marketing, sales and technological aspects of the production of alternative food products

What do we offer


Mentorship from experienced professionals in the production of alternative food products (plant-based, cultivated and hybrid)


Consultations (how to interact with retail? what logistics features to take into account? where to find competent specialists?)


Fresh marketing data on the state of the market and its segments (research, reports, analytics)


Participation in specialized events under the united brand of the Association


Professional assistance in the development of product (s) and recommendations for their improvement


Help and support in solving legal issues of your business


Access to the database of professionals (buyers, raw materials suppliers etc.)

Become a member of the AAFPP if you

Russian manufacturer

Manufacturers of food products that do not contain ingredients of animal origin or Manufacturers of plant-based functional food ingredients

Foreign manufacturer

Manufactures of alternative food products who want to concentrate their activities on developing Russian and CIS markets


Developers of cultivated or hybrid foods

Mandatory selection criteria for producers (does not apply to developers of cultivated food):

  • Your products are already being sold on the market
  • You conduct your main activity in Russia and the CIS

Apply for membership

We will send an invitation to the AAFPP industry channel and chat room
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