Graintech 2023, an international forum on biotechnology in grain processing, takes place this week in Moscow.


15 - 16 November 2023

🏛 Hotel "Lesnaya SAFMAR"


⚠️ Participation in the Forum is paid.


As the main event of the industrial biotechnology industry in the agricultural sector of Russia and CIS countries, the event will once again bring together scientists and researchers, producers and investors, representatives of the government and professional associations to exchange experience, discuss promising projects for the development of the sector, establish business contacts and negotiate cooperation.


During the Forum sessions, exporters will discuss very important topics for the altfood segment:


- Practical aspects of deep processing of wheat, maize, soya, peas and other pulses.

- Processing of soya, sunflower meal, peas, rapeseed and other plant-based proteins.

- Production of animal feed and new food proteins.

- Development of production capacities for deep processing of agricultural raw materials in Russia.


The forum will also include an exhibition where participating companies can showcase their products or services.


Detailed information about the Graintek 2023 International Forum can be found on the official website.


Based on the results of the Forum, APAPP will publish notes in the APAPP TG channel: live.