IceCro is a manufacturer of healthy ice cream, dairy, protein and fermented milk vegan products from Solnechnogorsk.

The assortment is divided into 4 functional lines - classic ice cream and Greek yoghurts with whole milk, sugar-free protein ice cream and protein shakes with a high protein content, ice cream with a complex of vitamins and probiotics and a line of vegan products: ice cream, yoghurts, sour cream and condensed milk, lactose-free and sugarless! At the moment, the company's assortment includes more than 40 types of ice cream and 20 types of yoghurts.

IceCro products are widely represented in the largest retail chains such as Azbuka Vkusa, VkusVill, Globus, Magnolia, Utkonos, Yandex-Shop, Samokat, Dobryninsky, Zorka and Milka, Auchan, Metro, Lenta and others. Since 2017, IceCro has been exporting to the UAE, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The company focuses on those who:

  • chooses only natural and healthy food products;
  • takes care of himself and his family;
  • eliminated lactose or sugar from the diet (lactose intolerance, diabetics, people prone to diabetes or those who adhere to the principles of a healthy diet);
  • seeks to lose weight without harm to health or gain muscle mass;
  • wants to get most of its vitamins and minerals from food, not pills.
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АйсКро (производство): Московская обл., г. Солнечногорск, д. Новая, стр. 38П, пом. 1, Солнечногорск, Москва

АйсКро (офис): г. Москва, Певческий переулок, д. 4, стр. 4, Москва, Москва