Агама Истра

Agama Istra

The Agama group of companies was founded in 1998. Over 22 years of development, Agama has grown from a distributor of frozen foods into a group of companies that develops its brands and unites six main businesses. The development of the company, the creation of new directions, products and services reflect the basic principle of work - "synergy" - all our businesses are interconnected and complement each other. In 2020, as part of the development of internal entrepreneurship in Agama, a new project was born - GreenFish, an alternative salmon. We create new products that allow our customers to get a varied plant-based diet with delicious and healthy high-protein foods.

+79175583214 — Yastina Valeria Igorevna - Project Manager

Московская обл., Клинский район, г. Высоковск, ул. Курятникова, д. 101, Высоковск, Московская область

Московская обл., г. Истра, д. Лешково, д. 210, Истра, Московская область